Monday Music Minute–U2

Since it was St. Patrick’s Day on Sunday, I played a couple of songs from Irish artists, and that included U2.

Naturally, choosing which U2 song to feature on WSGW’s First Day show isn’t easy to do, but I went with the song that really moved me during my childhood years of the 1980s.  Even though I wasn’t educated about the historical significance of “Bloody Sunday,” the song’s overall message was loud and clear to me: When is enough, enough?


I’ll admit that the video played a huge role in my appreciation for this song, and for the most part, my future appreciation for U2.  I recall liking U2, but I wasn’t really crazy about them.  After seeing this video, my opinion changed.

Whenever “Sunday Bloody Sunday” is on the radio, I promptly turn-up the volume.

It’s just a great song.

And, here’s the memorable video MTV played for a good five years (at least it seemed like it to me).  The performance is from 1983 when U2 performed at The Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado.


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