Michigan Doesn't Want To Be Like Mississippi After All

I think my rant against the Michigan Senate played a huge role in the late developments that happened last night.

Here’s MLive:



The Michigan Senate on Tuesday evening narrowly approved legislation designed to reform Medicaid and expand eligibility to an estimated 470,000 low-income residents using federal funding available through the Affordable Care Act.


Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, who spent part of his summer touring the state in support of the “Healthy Michigan” plan, held a press conference late Tuesday to commended the Senate. The legislation, he said in a release, will “make a difference in the lives of nearly half-a-million Michiganders, along with saving tax dollars and boosting our economy.”


The Senate drama served as an exclamation mark to months of debate over Medicaid expansion that many conservative lawmakers vocally opposed because of its connection to “Obamacare” and increased federal spending. In the end, only eight of 26 Senate Republicans voted for the measure, joining all 12 Democrats.

It didn’t have to be this hard, but it finally passed, nonetheless.  Michigan could not afford to forgo expanding Medicaid with federal funding.  This will end-up helping Michigan.  Still wondering how or why that’s a bad thing.


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