Michael Percha’s “Pun Of The Week” From November 26, 2017 “First Day”

November 26, 2017

Time for another cringe-worthy “Michael Percha’s Pun Of The Week!”

We apologize for posting Michael Percha’s “Pun Of The Week” from last Sunday’s First Day show. This week’s pun is provided by a listener. Lori submitted this food related pun. So please, blame Lori for this one!


Thank you so very much, Lori, for participating and providing us with a laugh–or a groan!

Michael’s puns air each and every Sunday morning at 6:53am on WSGW’s First Day.

If you have a pun you’d like to share with us, email michael@wsgw.com

Michael will consider your puns for a future show.



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