Is Katniss Worth My Time?

I never read any of the Harry Potter books nor watched any of the movies.  Same for some other recent Sci-Fi/Fantasy books and movies that have secured a spot in pop culture for years to come.

I have to admit that until about a few weeks ago, I never heard of The Hunger Games Trilogy of books.  And, to be even more frighteningly honest, I had never heard of actress Jennifer Lawrence until the movie’s release.

That being said, the premise of the story for some reason has intrigued me.  I’ve been thinking of getting the books before watching the movie.  Now, that would entail taking the time-out of my already busy life to read the books.  Before doing that, I must finish reading Lisa Randall’s Knocking on Heaven’s Door and a thick book on Teddy Roosevelt.  That would also mean turning-off the sports, and cutting back on my blogging!!!  It’s kinda hard for me to do that with playoff hockey and baseball season about to start, not to mention this being a political year.

But I feel like I’ve been left-out of so many conversations during the last few years because I refused to even watch a Harry Potter movie.  I don’t want to feel inadequate on the pop culture front anymore.

So, here’s my question to those of you who’ve read The Hunger Games books: Is it worth my time?

If so, then I’ll really try to read the first book by the end of the year.  Besides, I could use a little diversion from real life.




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