How Is TrumpCare Sticking Up For Average Americans?

How do people with severe health issues survive without quality health care insurance? We could find out if TrumpCare eventually becomes law. The “Pat Political Point” from the May 7, 2017 edition of First Day.


Pat Political Point on WSGW’s First Day.

My wife was diagnosed with Stage One breast cancer back in March. She underwent successful lumpectomy surgery last month and has been recovering.

Thankfully, we caught the cancer early as it didn’t move through her lymph nodes. However, the tumor itself was aggressive, and because of the tumors aggressiveness my wife’s oncologist has ordered four rounds of chemotherapy followed by another five weeks of radiation.

The summer is going to be a long one, but if the chemo and radiation will help ensure Heather’s chances that the cancer never returns, then it’s what has to be done.

The good news is that her last chemo appointment will happen just before classes begin at Central Michigan University. So, she might start regaining some of her strength by that time.

Heather is a strong and stubborn woman. She’ll get through this, and come out even stronger when this episode of her life concludes. I have no doubt about that.

She keeps asking me a question, though, during this trying episode in our lives: How do people without quality health insurance survive?

The answer is: Some don’t.

And thanks to the Grand Old Party’s decision to pass TrumpCare, getting quality health care insurance is much more difficult.

To watch House Republicans celebrate with President Trump in the White House Rose Garden was abhorrent and downright disturbing.

And watching that sickening display proved one thing to me: The whole purpose of passing a bill repealing many of the major components of Obamacare is an effort to erase President Obama’s accomplishments.

It has nothing to do with providing quality health care to Americans. It has nothing to do with ensuring people who get sick, or are sick, won’t have to decide whether or not to pay for food or medicine.

This is all about destroying Obama’s accomplishments.

Well, it’s about that, and providing their elitist billionaire donors with billions in tax breaks. That’s usually where it leads though, isn’t it?

Tax breaks for the elites while the rest of us wrestle for the scraps that fall from the Trickle Down economic dinner table.

Thursday’s display in the Rose Garden was also disgusting because of the blatant hypocrisy it took to pass such a bill.

House Speaker Paul Ryan chastised Democrats for passing a health care bill without receiving a score from the Congressional Budget Office. So, if you recall during the Obamacare fight, Democrats did indeed get a CBO score.

Fast-forward to today, and the Republicans didn’t wait for a CBO score. Of course, they couldn’t. It’s an utter disaster.

Oh, we’ll learn from the CBO just exactly how costly this destructive bill is both monetarily and in human terms.

The bill grants health insurers the right, in certain situations, to charge more for people who have a pre-existing condition. Despite its flaws, Obamacare guaranteed no one could be dropped or charged more for having a pre-existing condition.

One Republican House member publicly admitted what he and his fellow colleagues think of Americans with pre-existing conditions. Congressman Mo Brooks says it’s your fault if you’ve got a pre-existing condition. So, you’re on your own.

You know, like Jesus once said.

Republicans know they can’t claim premiums won’t rise for people with pre-existing conditions. What a joke.

All in the name of tax breaks for rich people.

And I thought President Trump was a populist? How’s he fighting for the little guy by gutting quality health insurance for millions of Americans to give people like him a tax cut.

This bill still didn’t want to touch out-of-control costs for drugs, which was always a major flaw of Obamacare. But of course Republicans weren’t going to touch that issue. Pharmaceuticals line the pockets of both Republican and Democrats. You think they want to bite the hand that feeds them?

Conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer poured a bucket of cold water on House Republicans when he said no matter what happens with this bill, single payer health care is destined to become law in America within the next seven years!

And President Trump must think the same thing as he lauded Australia’s health care system in front of her prime minister!

Australia has universal health care!!!!!!! I know President Trump had no idea, but he actually spoke the truth when he said Australia’s health care is better than ours.

The GOP-led Senate is working on its own bill to ensure insurance companies have power over our lives.

President Harry Truman proposed universal health care in this country, but since big money forces stopped him from achieving that goal here, Truman and the Marshall Plan created universal health care systems across the world.

Yes, the Senate still has to be pass its own health care bill, and all indications are that a Senate bill will differ from the House bill. But still, once the Senate passes its own version, both chambers get to work on combining their bills, which will eventually be voted upon.

I’m going to guess that a single payer system won’t be part of the finished product.

And to think TrumpCare passed the House on the same day as National Prayer Day.


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