Historic Bay City Building Reveals Its Past

There’s a different view of a prominent downtown Bay City building, something not seen since 1960. Crews from Serenus Johnson Construction are removing a section of the aluminum facade covering the Crapo Building at 213 Center Avenue.

The center portion of the facade on the Washington Avenue side is being removed to allow inspectors to determine if the building’s original architecture qualifies for state and federal historic restoration grants and tax credits for a Midland-based developer.  Bay City commissioners have already approved $1.8 million in local tax breaks.

The Neighborhood Development Company wants to buy the former Chemical Bank Building and convert it into a mixed use facility. The estimated $12 million project would create retail space on the ground floor, office space on the second floor and 24 apartments on the other three floors.

Facade 4   Facade 2a

[Photos by Bill Hewitt]



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