GOP Must Stop Saying It Believes In Local Control–“First Day’s” Pat Johnston

October 9, 2017

The GOP-led Michigan Senate passes a bill blocking local governments from instituting sugary drink bans. This proves the “local control” mantra is a farce.

For years state Republicans advocate the need for “local control” over education, and, well, education.

Everything else? Eh, not so much.

Republicans in the state senate have passed legislation that prohibits local communities from enacting soda pop, chewing gum or food taxes.

Just as they did when it came to plastic bag bans or minimum wage ordinances, state conservatives are once again showing their willingness to drop their “local control” mantra if the donors demand it.

The state senate vote tallied 31-5 in support of the bill, which goes to illustrate the Michigan Chamber Of Commerce’s power.

As to my knowledge, no Michigan town has proposed such taxes. But it a town did propose such a tax, what does state government care?

If such a tax would cause irreparable harm to a community, then the voters would send those city commissioners packing, right?

Michigan doesn’t levy taxes on pop or food sold at grocery stores. So, if a town levies a tax on a sugary drink, it would apply only to those who drink it. It’s just like cigarette taxes. And if we have people drinking less pop, then that’s good for the consumer and our health care system!

It’s such a hypocritical stance by “local control” supporters because they only care about not upsetting their powerful campaign contributors.

If they were true “local control” advocates, they’d refuse to even allow such a vote to commence. If Ann Arbor wanted to ban plastic bags, then so be it. Ann Arbor is one of Michigan’s more thriving towns. Something tells me stores would survive the ban. And if stores couldn’t bear the brunt, then Ann Arbor would deal with the consequences of stores leaving.

I wish my conservative friends would admit they trust in governmental powers when it suits their needs. There’s nothing wrong with making that admission.

It proves they believe government can be the answer to their goals. So, let’s forever drop this “local control” charade, please?

Need I say, “Bush v. Gore?”


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