First Day Sports Take with Pat Johnston–J.D. & Wilson Might Save Tigers?

Time for this week’s “First Day Sports Take with Pat Johnston.” Pat has somewhat of a positive outlook for the Detroit Tigers with J.D. Martinez back in the lineup, and Justin Wilson serving as the team’s closer. But challenges still remain, and they ultimately doom the 2017 Tigers. Click to listen.

“Sunday Sports Take” time on WSGW’s First Day.

What a night for Detroit Tigers Baseball on Saturday!

As you heard on WSGW, J.D. Martinez hit a two-run homer, and then the game-winning homer in the top of the ninth to lead the Tigers over the Los Angeles Angels 4-3!

It’s just J.D.’s second game from injury, and he’s already showing why we missed him so much during the first six weeks of the regular season. J.D. has the ability to change the game with one swing of the bat, which he displayed last night.

Now, when outfielder Jim Aducci returns from injury, I think it would behoove the Tigers to place him in centerfield. Aducci filled-in for an injured J.D. Martinez quite admirably, and not only is he a left-handed bat, but he’s not all that bad in the outfield. I mean, anyone can be better than Tyler Collins’s nightly displays of defensive ineptitude!

However, it’s just not J.D. Martinez who provided the the Tigers with a much-needed breath of fresh air.

New closer Justin Wilson illustrated last night what a closer is supposed to do! Wilson struck-out the side to close the game and clinch the victory.

It’s impossible to think Wilson will strike-out the side every time he takes the mound, but at least he’s got a fast ball that rises above the 89 mph mark. That was the max speed for the Tigers’ former closer, Francisco Rodriguez.

The Tigers might have the pieces finally in place to contend for a pennant. That being said, they still have a few road blocks preventing them from reaching full potential.

They have to drop pitcher Anibal Sanchez from the team right now! He serves no purpose on the team whatsoever. Yes, that means the Tigers would have to eat his multi-million dollar contract, but so be it. It’s far more preferable than putting Sanchez on the mound!

Also, the Tigers will never reach the next level unless starting pitcher Jordan Zimmerman picks up his game. He’s struggled mightily this season, and without him pitching at his best, the Tigers will have a rough time putting together five, six, seven, or 10-game winning streaks. He’s got to show up!

If Zimmerman does indeed pick-up his game, watch out!

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