First Day Sports Take–Bland College Football Broadcasters

August 15, 2017

In this installment of the “First Day Sports Take with Pat Johnston,” Pat laments about the lack of entertaining college football broadcasters with the exception of one.


ABC Sports and ESPN released their college football broadcast teams for the 2017 season.

And my reaction was simply, “Meh.”

Chris Fowler and Craig Herbstreet will serve as the network’s Saturday night crew again, and that makes me yawn.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Fowler and Herbstreet, even though Herby can’t hide his bias for Ohio State.

For years, those two did a tremendous job on ESPN’s college football preview show, “Gameday.” Fowler is a great host. He knows how to keep the ball rolling, how to kick start conversations, and how to allow the experts their airtime.

But Chris Fowler doesn’t bring any gravitas inside the broadcasting booth. He’s average at best. And I don’t want average for perhaps the biggest game of the day.

Fowler doesn’t exude that “big game” feel when he hits the airwaves, unlike the legendary Brent Musburger when he would declare, “You’re looking LIVE at the Big House in Ann Arbor!”

And Fowler certainly doesn’t own the skill and storytelling genius of Keith Jackson.

Gone are the days of college TV broadcasters with style, humor, and grace.

It’s simply bland. It’s simply boring.

That’s why I listen to local broadcasters, which is why I love hearing Jim Brandstatter and Dan Dierdorf for Michigan Wolverines coverage on WSGW. Or George Blaha for Michigan State. Or J.J. Boehm for Saginaw Valley State University football on WSGW 100.5FM!

But while I long for the days of the legendary college football broadcaster, I will say, there is one.

He’s on Fox Sports. It’s Detroit’s very own Gus Johnson.

He’s got “it.”

It’ll be a pleasant change to hear Gus Johnson on Fox Sports’ coverage of the Michigan-Ohio State game.

The Game.

With gravitas.

As it should be!

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