Don’t Call This Class Warfare

Going after the most vulnerable is the easiest–and sleaziest–practice in the art of politics.  They can’t afford lobbyists, nor get personal time with their government representatives.

The Michigan State House decided to get tough with people on welfare because, you know, they’re not job creators:

Some Michigan welfare applicants and recipients would be required to pass drug tests under legislation approved Thursday by a 71-37 vote in the state House. The measure now moves to the Senate.


The legislation would require the Department of Human Services to establish a program of suspicion-based substance abuse screening and testing for Family Independence Program applicants and recipients who are at least 18 years old. The screening would start as a pilot program in January and expand statewide by 2015.


At least 30 states have considered requiring drug tests for people seeking public assistance such as welfare or unemployment benefits, or public employment. Indiana and West Virginia require drug testing for people seeking job training.

Yes, let’s go after people on welfare because only losers accept taxpayer handouts.  I’m so thrilled that we never hold the bankers or any other corporation to a similar standard.

I’m also tickled pink that our brave state legislators, who also are paid via the taxpayers, never once see the hypocrisy of passing such stupid laws.

However, some of us can rejoice knowing that someone in the legislature notices the comedy:

Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Detroit, opposes the plan that passed the House last week and is now pending in the Senate. But Tlaib says if the state is going to require drug testing for cash assistance recipients, lawmakers also should be screened for illegal substances.


“We’re all being paid through public, taxpayer dollars – just like the taxpayer dollars that are paying for public assistance for needy families,” Tlaib said. “I think that we should be held to the same standards that we ask from some of our poor families.”


Tlaib’s amendment to the welfare bill, which would have required state lawmakers to be tested for illegal drugs as a condition of holding office, was dismissed without a vote.

Of course, it was.  Did we really think the Republican legislators would see it the same way?

They work for a living!  They work for the government, which is strange because I’m always told “government doesn’t create jobs.”

Is this what we call “getting big government out of our lives?”

I’d also like to find out which company would be hired to do the testing, and how much money they’re giving to particular legislators.  I’m sure there would be absolutely, positively no correlation whatsoever.

Let the class warfare continue.



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