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Celebrating 50 years of Detroit Tigers Baseball on NewsRadio 790am WSGW!!!

The Detroit Tigers have been a key part of Michigan Baseball for over a hundred years. Since their foundation in 1894 as a part of the Western League the Tigers have won four World Series Titles, and ten American League Championships.

The Tigers play in Comerica Park, and are led by manager Brad Ausmus.

They finished the 2016 season with an 86-75 record, taking second place in the A.L. Central Division.

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Active Players Include:
Pitchers:  #19 Anibal Sanchez, #32 Michael Fulmer  #35 Justin Verlander,   #61 Shane Greene, #43 Bruce Rondon, #30 Alex Wilson, #27 Jordan Zimmerman, #44 Daniel Norris, #56 Kyle Ryan, #57 Francisco Rodriguez

Catchers: #41 Victor Martinez, #34 James McCann, #31 Alex Avila

Infielders: #24 Miguel Cabrera,  #1 Jose Iglesias, #3 Ian Kinsler, z, #9 Nick Castellanos, #27 Andrew Romine, #49 Dixon Machado

Outfielders:  #26 J.D. Martinez, #33 Steven Moya, #, #8 Justin Upton, #15 Mikie Mahtook, #40 JaCoby Jones, #18 Tyler Collins



Tuesday, Feb. 28 at Yankees–1pm

Wednesday, March 1 vs. Nationals–1pm

Thursday, March 2 vs. Pirates–1pm

Friday, March 3 at Rays–1pm

Saturday, March 4 vs. Yankees

Sunday, March 5 at Phillies

Monday, March 6 vs. Orioles–1pm

Tuesday, March 7 vs. Phillies–1pm

Thursday, March 9 vs. Mets–1pm

Friday, March 10 at Mets–1pm

Saturday, March 11 at Yankees–1pm

Sunday, March 12 vs. Mets–1pm

Monday, March 13 at Nationals–1pm

Tuesday, March 14 at Marlins–1pm

Wednesday, March 15 vs. Braves–1pm

Thursday, March 16 at Braves–1pm

Friday, March 17 vs. Yankees–1pm

Saturday, March 18 at Braves–1pm

Sunday, March 19 at Orioles–1pm

Monday, March 20 vs. Mets–1pm

Wednesday, March 22 at Blue Jays–1pm

Thursday, March 23 at Braves–6pm

Friday, March 24 vs. Braves–1pm

Saturday, March 25 at Pirates–1pm

Sunday, March 26 vs. Toronto–1pm

Monday, March 27 at Braves–6pm

Tuesday, March 28 at Yankees–6:30pm

Wednesday, March 29 vs. Phillies–1pm

Thursday, March 30 at Orioles–1pm

Friday, March 31 at Marlins–7pm

Saturday, April 1, Marlins–12pm



Monday, April 3 at ChiSox–3:45pm (Opening Day!!!)

Wed., April 5 at ChiSox–1:45pm

Thursday, April 6 at ChiSox–1:45pm

Friday, April 7 vs. Red Sox–12:45pm

Saturday, April 8 vs. Red Sox–12:45pm

Sunday, April 9 vs. Red Sox–12:45pm

Monday, April 10 vs. Red Sox–12:45pm

Tuesday, April 11 vs. Twins–12:45pm

Wednesday, April 12 vs. Twins–12:45pm

Thursday, April 13 vs. Twins–12:45pm

Friday, April 14 at Indians–6:45pm

Saturday, April 15 at Indians–3:40pm

Sunday, April 16 at Indians–12:45pm

Tuesday, April 18 at Rays–6:45pm

Wed., April 19 at Rays–6:45pm

Thursday, April 20 at Rays–12:45pm

Friday, April 21 at Twins–7:45pm

Saturday, April 22 at Twins–1:45pm

Sunday, April 23 at Twins–1:45pm

Tuesday, April 25 vs. Mariners–6:45pm

Wed., April 26 vs. Mariners–6:45pm

Thursday, April 27 vs. Mariners–12:45pm

Friday, April 28 vs. ChiSox–6:45pm

Saturday, April 29 vs. ChiSox–12:45pm

Sunday, April 30 vs. ChiSox–12:45pm


Monday, May 1 vs. Indians–6:45pm

Tuesday, May 2 vs. Indians–6:45pm

Wed., May 3 vs. Indians–6:45pm

Thursday, May 4 vs. Indians–12:45pm

Friday, May 5 at A’s–9:40pm

Saturday, May 6 at A’s–8:40pm

Sunday, May 7 at A’s–3:40pm

Tuesday, May 9 at Diamondbacks–9:15pm

Wed., May 10 at Diamondbacks–9:15pm

Thursday, May 11 at Angels–9:40pm

Friday, May 12 at Angels—-9:40pm

Saturday, May 13 at Angels–8:40pm

Sunday, May 14 at Angels–3:10pm

Tuesday, May 16 vs. Orioles–6:45pm

Wed., May 17 vs. Orioles–6:45pm

Thursday, May 18 vs. Orioles–12:45pm

Friday, May 19 vs. Rangers–6:45pm

Saturday, May 20 vs. Rangers–6:50pm

Sunday, May 21 vs. Rangers–12:45pm

Monday, May 22, at Astros–7:45pm

Tuesday, May 23 at Astros–7:45pm

Wed., May 24 at Astros–7:45pm

Thursday, May 25 at Astros–7:45pm

Friday, May 26 at ChiSox–7:45pm

Saturday, May 27 at ChiSox–7:45pm

Sunday, May 28 at ChiSox–1:45pm

Monday, May 29 at Royals–6:50pm

Tuesday, May 30 at Royals–7:50pm

Wed., May 31 at Royals–7:50pm


Friday, June 2 vs. ChiSox–6:45pm

Saturday, June 3 vs. ChiSox–3:45pm

Sunday, June 4 vs. ChiSox–12:45pm

Tuesday, June 6 vs. Angels–6:45pm

Wed., June 7 vs. Angels–6:45pm

Thursday, June 8 vs. Angels–12:45pm

Friday, June 9 at Red Sox-6:45pm

Saturday, June 10 at Red Sox–6:50pm

Sunday, June 11 at Red Sox

Tuesday, June 13 vs. Diamondacks–6:45pm

Wed., June 14 vs. Diamondbacks–6:45pm

Thursday, June 15 vs. Rays–6:45pm

Friday, June 16 vs. Rays–6:45pm

Saturday, June 17 vs. Rays–3:45pm

Sunday, June 18 vs. Rays–12:45pm

Monday, June 19 at Mariners–9:45pm

Tuesday, June 20 at Mariners–9:45pm

Wed., June 21 at Mariners–9:45pm

Thursday, June 22 at Mariners–9:45pm

Friday, June 23 at Padres–9:45pm

Saturday, June 24 at Padres–9:45pm

Sunday, June 25 at Padres–4:15pm

Tuesday, June 27 vs. Royals–6:45pm

Wed., June 28 vs. Royals–6:45pm

Thursday, June 29 vs. Royals–12:45pm

Friday, June 30 vs. Indians–6:45pm


Saturday, July 1 vs. Indians–6:50pm

Sunday, July 2 vs. Indians–12:45pm

Tuesday, July 4 vs. Giants–12:45pm

Wed., July 5 vs. Giants–6:45pm

Thursday, July 6 vs. Giants–12:45pm

Friday, July 7 at Indians–6:45pm

Saturday, July 8 at Indians–6:50pm

Sunday, July 9 at Indians–7:40pm


Friday, July 14 vs. Blue Jays–6:45pm

Saturday, July 15 vs. Blue Jays–5:45pm

Sunday, July 16 vs. Blue Jays–12:45pm

Monday, July 17 at Royals–7:50pm

Tuesday, July 18 at Royals–7:50pm

Wed., July 19 at Royals–7:50pm

Thursday, July 20 at Royals–7:50pm

Friday, July 21 at Twins–7:45pm

Saturday, July 22 at Twins–6:45pm

Sunday, July 23 at Twins–1:45pm

Monday, July 24 vs. Royals–6:45pm

Tuesday, July 25 vs. Royals–6:45pm

Wed., July 26 vs. Royals–6:45pm

Friday, July 28 vs Astros–6:45pm

Saturday, July 29 vs. Astros–5:45pm

Sunday, July 30 vs. Astros–12:45pm

Monday, July 31 at Yankees–6:40pm


Tuesday, August 1 at Yankees–6:40pm

Wed., August 2 at Yankees–12:40pm

Thursday, August 3 at Orioles–6:40pm

Friday, August 4 at Orioles–6:40pm

Saturday, August 5 at Orioles–6:40pm

Sunday, August 6 at Orioles–1:10pm

Monday, August 7 at Pirates–6:40pm

Tuesday, August 8 at Pirates–6:40pm

Wed., August 9 vs Pirates–6:45pm

Thursday, August 10, vs. Pirates–12:45pm

Friday, August 11 vs. Twins–6:45pm

Saturday, August 12 vs. Twins–5:45pm

Sunday, August 13 vs. Twins–12:45pm

Monday, August 14 at Rangers–7:40pm

Tuesday, August 15 at Rangers–7:40pm

Wed., August 16 at Rangers–7:40pm

Friday, August 18 vs. Dodgers–6:45pm

Saturday, August 19 vs. Dodgers–3:40pm

Sunday, August 20 vs. Dodgers–12:45pm

Tuesday, August 22 vs. Yankees–6:45pm

Wed., August 23 vs. Yankees–6:45pm

Thursday, August 24 vs. Yankees–12:45pm

Friday, August 25 at ChiSox–7:45pm

Saturday, August 26 at ChiSox–6:45pm

Sunday, August 27 at ChiSox–1:45pm

Monday, August 28 at Rockies–8:15pm

Tuesday, August 29 at Rockies–8:15pm

Wed., August 30 at Rockies–8:15pm


Friday, Sept. 1 vs. Indians–6:45pm

Saturday, Sept. 2 vs. Indians–5:45pm

Sunday, Sept. 3 vs. Indians 12:45pm

Monday, Sept. 4 vs. Royals–12:45pm

Tuesday, Sept. 5 vs. Royals–6:45pm

Wed., Sept. 6 vs. Royals–6:45pm

Friday, Sept. 8 at Blue Jays–6:40pm

Saturday, Sept. 9 at Blue Jays–12:40pm

Sunday, Sept. 10 at Blue Jays–12:40pm

Monday, Sept. 11 at Indians–6:45pm

Tuesday, Sept. 12 at Indians–6:45pm

Wed., Sept. 13 at Indians–11:45pm

Thursday, Sept. 14 vs. ChiSox–12:45pm

Friday, Sept. 15 vs. ChiSox–6:45pm

Saturday, Sept. 16 vs. ChiSox–5:45pm

Sunday, Sept. 17 vs. ChiSox–12:45pm

Monday, Sept. 18 vs. A’s–6:45pm

Tuesday, Sept. 19 vs. A’s–6:45pm

Wed., Sept. 20 vs. A’s–12:45pm

Thursday, Sept. 21 vs. Twins–6:45pm

Friday, Sept. 22 vs. Twins–6:45pm

Saturday, Sept. 23 vs. Twins–6:45pm

Sunday, Sept. 24 vs. Twins–12:45pm

Tuesday, Sept. 26 at Royals–7:50pm

Wed., Sept. 27 at Royals–7:50pm

Thursday, Sept. 28 at Royals–7:50pm

Friday, Sept. 29 at Twins–7:45pm

Saturday, Sept. 30 at Twins–6:45pm


Sunday, October 1 at Twins–2:45pm

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