Democratic Candidate For Governor Outlines His Campaign At SVSU

Abdul El-Sayed explains why he wants to be Michigan's next governor at a town hall on the SVSU campus. (WSGW News photo by Bill Hewitt)

Political newcomer Abdul El-Sayed wants to be Michigan’s next Democratic governor. In a time of ill will against certain individuals, El-Sayed does not see a problem with his Egyptian descent and being a Muslim.

The former health commissioner for the City of Detroit said people are concerned about the economy, public education, infrastructure, health care and a state government responding to their concerns.

The Detroit  Democrat wants education to be a top priority. But El-Sayed says charter schools should not be a way to fatten a corporate bottom line with our tax dollars.

El-Sayed would eliminate the state’s controversial emergency manager law. He told a small group at Saginaw Valley State University the reason local communities and schools were going broke is the state had greatly reduced state revenue sharing with local governments.

During a town hall at Saginaw Valley State University Wednesday, El-Sayed said he will not accept campaign donations from big money special interest groups.

Abdul El-Sayed the SVSU Democratic Club. (WSGW News photo by Bill Hewitt)

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