Daily Pat Political Point–Snyder Admits Defeat In Prison Food Privatization Scheme–May 1, 2018

May 1, 2018

The Daily Pat Political Point. Governor Rick Snyder’s new budget calls for the elimination of privatized prison food. Better late than never.


This story is actually a couple of months old, but it deserves more attention in this election year.

As part of Michigan Governor Ricky Snyder’s final proposed budget, Snyder announced that the state would end its privatized prison food experiment.

That means prison food responsibilities will return to public state employees, who should’ve never lost those responsibilities in the first place!

Oh, this was just another in the long, corrupt list of so-called goals Michigan’s right wing government hoped to achieved.

Since the elite donor base hates unions–especially public unions–and Ricky Snyder is part of that elite class, Snyder and his Republican cohorts privatized Michigan’s prison food.

This privatized plan would end-up saving Michiganders money by hiring a corporate contractor on the cheap.

Sounds wonderful, right?

Well, maybe not.

Thanks to more stellar work by The Detroit Free Press, these companies caused more problems and money than Snyder thought.

The Free Press documented several troubling incidents involving the companies.

Those included kitchen staff having sex with inmates, staff smuggling drugs inside prison grounds, staff underfeeding prisoners, staff serving meat that spent days in a thawed freezer, and reports of maggots in the kitchen!

Hold on, there’s more.

There were reports of meal shortages, and even one report where a company employee tried to pay one inmate to assault another!

Sounds like some bad Jean Claude Van Damme movie.

Wait, was there ever a good Jean Claude Van Damme movie?

Anyway, Snyder tried hiring two different corporations to get the job done, but they failed.

The result is Snyder admitting defeat, and having state employees re-take control of the operation.

It was a simple call, really.

State employees answer to us, the taxpayer, for one.

But state dollars will now stay here rather than a big chunk of it heading to some company that’s based in another state.

Since Republicans are acknowledging this privatization failure, how long until they admit other privatization failures?

Don’t hold your breath.


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