Daily Pat Political Point–What Infrastructure Plan?–February 13, 2018

February 13, 2018

Daily Pat Political Point


Needing to desperately change the subject from the Russian investigation, or how his administration harbors men who beat their wives (allegedly), President Donald Trump unveiled his much anticipated plan to fix the nation’s infrastructure.

Describing the nation’s infrastructure “horrendous,” Trump is calling for a $1.5-$1.7 trillion investment to fix it.

Trump’s so-called ambitious plan, though, calls for just $200 billion in federal spending for 10 years.

That’s it.

He argues states and local governments will pick-up the rest of the tab.

With what money?

Many states and local governments are strapped for money!

Oh, and where is that $200 billion coming from?

NPR says Trump is proposing cuts to existing transit programs, which is helping cities spend on infrastructure projects already underway.

So, then the $200 billion spending Trump has promised basically becomes a wash for many states and cities!

The American Society of Civil Engineers says nearly $5 trillion is needed to sufficiently bring our infrastructure up to the 21st Century.

The engineers slammed the proposal since states and local governments have already been paying for some upgrades through local taxes

And they argued if we’re not building an infrastructure designed to handle climate change, then what’s the point?

But there’s more.

Trump’s plan calls for an increase in private funding, too.

Rather than call for gas tax hikes, Trump’s plan hopes private entities will gobble-up chunks of interstate highways, creating more toll roads.

Call me crazy, but this plan already has the making to become another boon for Trump’s Wall Street crowd!

While complaining how it’s time we spend on America rather than the Middle East, Trump just signed a budget bill increasing spending!

And we’re continuing the never-ending Afghanistan War.

Yet, we needed a major tax giveaway for corporations and the rich.

We have so many important priorities, but Trump believed slashing taxes for rich kids was more important.

Are you fed-up yet?


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