Daily Pat Political Point–December 4, 2017–Michigan GOP Hoping You’ll Forget Who Raised Taxes

December 4

As we near 2018, Michigan Republicans–like their national GOP colleagues–are hoping you’ll forget who raised middle class taxes and cut middle class investments.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics , unemployment numbers are trending upwards in Rust Belt states.

Michigan’s unemployment rate has gone from 3.7% in July to 4.5% in November. Indiana’s is just under 4% from last summer’s 3%. Ohio and West Virginia also show a slight increase in unemployment.

What’s the one consistent factor about these disturbing numbers?  These Rust Belt states have been under Republican leadership for years!

Let’s just deal with Michigan for now.

Michigan Republican Governor Rick Snyder and his right-wing cohorts in Lansing passed MASSIVE corporate tax breaks while raising taxes for individuals.

In some ways, Michigan tried following in the footsteps of the disastrous Kansas economic blueprint, which blew-up that state’s budget and barely created jobs.

Kansas eventually reversed course because it became obvious that showering the rich donor base didn’t exactly help average Kansans.

Even a state as nutty as Kansas realized it couldn’t keep the status quo.

But that’s not happening in Michigan.

As Susan Demas notes, some Republican gubernatorial candidates are hoping you’ll forget who raised your taxes and why Michigan’s infrastructure still sucks.

They’re hoping you’ll forget that federal assistance saved the auto industry, which saved Michigan (thanks, Obama!).

They’re hoping you’ll forget who raised individual taxes by $1.4 billion, while slashing middle class investments like education and job training.

Michigan Republicans, like President Trump and congressional Republicans, are clinging to that hope that you will forget.

Which makes sense.

It’s worked for them so far.


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