"Dixie Dave" Minar Heart Attack

Jan 15, 2014 -- 3:19pm

(Charlie Rood)   "Dixie Dave" Minar had a heart attack last week.   

He's alive!   He's okay!   Thank God!

Here's the story...

First of all, Dave will talk about his ordeal when makes his regular appearance on Mike Avery's Outdoor Magazine Show this weekend on WSGW (Saturday mornings 9-Noon on 100.5 FM and Sunday mornings 9-Noon on 790am).   Dave will be on about 11:50am.

Most eveyone knows "Dixie Dave" Minar through his association with Mike Avery.   For years, you saw him with Mike on TV.   Now, you continue to hear him with Mike on the radio.

Of course, he's also known for his restaurant in Birch Run, "Oscar and Joey's" (formerly The Old Dixie Inn).

He's also known as a man of great faith who serves God with his time and talents in many ways.

Last Wednesday, Dave made his regular call-in on Mike's show (this show is prerecorded on Wednesday mornings for weekend broadcast).   He called Mike after the recording was complete to let Mike know "by the way, I had a heart attack"!

In fact, Dave made his call to Mike's show while sitting in the parking lot preparing to go to emergency as ordered by his doctor!   Dave had been experiencing some pains and suspected trouble, called his doctor, and was told to get to the hospital.

Last Friday morning, he underwent triple-bypass surgery!   

Doctors were amazed he wasn't dead.   Turns out he has a hereditary condition as several family members have died due to heart problems.

Earlier today, we completed another recording of Mike's show.   Joining us for his usual appearance in the last segment was "Dixie Dave" Minar, after he had just returned home from the hospital!

How is he doing?

So well, that he will appear this Sunday at the 10th Annual Sportman's Wild Game Dinner and Charity Event hosted by his good friend, Mike Avery.

This event is an evening of Christian fun and fellowship sponsored by St. Martin Lutheran Church in Birch Run with the proceeds going to the Helping Hands Ministry.   It takes place at the Frankenmuth Conservation Club, 8415 Curtis Road in Frankenmuth, doors opening at 3pm.

The dinner is prepared by "Dixie Dave" Minar.   This year, Dave is getting some help as he will be resting in the dining room and not working in the kitchen!

For tickets and information to this event:   Karen 989-770-4389 or Larry 810-686-3498

AND, tomorrow on the Thursday morning WSGW Morning Team Show, we'll give away a pair of tickets after the 6:30am news.

If you wish to send a message to Dave, please post here and we'll make sure he sees it!

God Bless You, "Dixie Dave", and thank you for all the lives you have touched for so many years with your giving spirit, and thank you for all the lives you will continue to touch!

(posted January 15, 2014)



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