Detroit Tigers Playoff Push

Aug 03, 2013 -- 7:02am

(Charlie Rood)  Now that we are in August and there are just over 50 games left in the baseball season, it's time for serious scoreboard watching and Tigers Playoff Push Possibilities.

When checking the standings each day and keeping en eye on teams chasing our Tigers, while "games behind" is a good indicator, I much prefer looking at the "loss column".   

This may sound strange but I think the logic holds true.   Your team can always win another game but can't lose a loss!   By that I mean once you have a loss, it's on your record, and you now have to hope the team ahead loses games to match your loss record.   You can win always get another win, but you can't lessen the losses!

With that in mind, as of Saturday, August 3, let's examine the Tigers Playoff Push!

Tigers record is 62-45
Indians record is 60-49

Tigers have 55 games left
Indians have 53 games left

Indians can win as many games as they can, but unless our Tigers lose 4 more games, we can't be caught.   Now, much can happen between now and the end of the season, but here is how the "math" is working.....

Say our Tigers play the rest of the season going 28-27, ending with a 90-72 record.   That would be disappointing, but we should be able to at least do that without even trying.

That would force the Indians to play the rest of the season with a record of 30-23 just to tie our Tigers.   

We play one game over .500 and the Indians have to play seven games over.

What if we believe we play a bit better?   Say the Tigers finish out 30-25 to finish 92-70?   Just to tie, Indians have to go 32-21, that's 11 games over .500!

You see, the overall math favors our Tigers down the stretch.   I think we'll finish even better than 30-25 making the Indians job much tougher.   

Of course, anything can happen, the worst being a losing streak of 5 or 6 games.   I think the Tigers are immune from that because of our starting pitching.   

Be confident and don't fret if we have a little blip here and there!

Together, we'll keep watching the scoreboard and standings, and keep listening to the Tigers on WSGW 790am!



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