Saginaw Residents Continue Human Rights Proposal Talk

Saginaw residents aren't done with the proposed Human Rights Ordinance discussion, even though City Council delayed decision on the matter indefinitely at a previous meeting.
The proposal, banning discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation, was introduced in April. 
Although Council tabled its vote, eight residents - five for, three against - attended Monday's meeting to address the issue, steering the discussion back into the public eye. A ninth resident signed up to speak, but was not in attendance.
Mayor Pro Tem Amos O'Neal, who made that motion, had said it was partly to absorb resident comments and concerns, and partly to create talks with stakeholders on both sides before moving forward.
He told residents that's still the plan.
Council members Demond Tibbs and Floyd Kloc, both attorneys, expressed a need for clearer language before bringing anything back for a decision.
Council members Dan Fitzpatrick and Larry Coulouris have at different times made their "no" votes clear.

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