Saginaw Officials Introduce FY 2014 Budget

Saginaw City Council took a first look at the city's proposed budget at its Monday meeting.
The $125.5 million fiscal year 2014-2015 proposal is an overall $4.4 million decrease from the current-year operating plan.
The budget's general fund contribution of $31.5 million is an about $500,000 increase.
The largest changes come in the form of department restructuring, which include elimination of several top management positions in favor of a streamlined approach.
Two of those eliminated positions - Assistant City Manager of Public Safety and Deputy City Manager/CFO - have sat vacant since the departures of Phil Ludos and Darnell Earley, and subsequent appointment of current manager Tim Morales. 
It also maintains city police and fire staffing levels, and some additional parking and inspections division funding.
The hardest revenue hits come from TRW plant closure, estimated at a $400,000 loss, as well as retiree pension and healthcare costs. 
City Council takes a deeper look at the budget at a special meeting on May 12.

Tom Sullivan