Burt Man To Pay Fine, Perform Community Service For Cougar Poaching

Fines and community service is the penalty for a 40-year-old Burt man in the killing of a cougar. Troy Richard was ordered to pay $625 in fines and court costs plus 24 hours of community service for his no contest plea Monday. Richard was charged with the taking of an endangered species last December along with his father and brother, both Bay City residents.

A Schoolcraft County judge did not believe the cougar was killed in self defense as 44-year-old Todd Richard had claimed after his guilty plea last month. He was sentenced to 30 days in jail along with fines and court costs. The father, Theodore Richard, also pleaded guilty and paid fines and court costs.

They claimed the cougar was stalking the elder Richard as he walked to a blind, near Manistique, to get his rifle. 

Jim Bohannon