Can we all agree this is ridiculous? (Charlie Rood)

Okay, how about MOST of us agree.

What do you think about this?

In the seriousness of the debates and discussions we are having surrounding statues, slavery, violence, and more, we get this…

ESPN is being criticized for a Fantasy Football show where players were being auctioned, including black players (wow, black players in the NFL), and comparisons were made to slave auctions.

Click here for the story.

I think it’s ridiculous. I think people are looking to be offended.  I think it’s so stupid it’s funny.

I know these people criticizing ESPN know nothing of fantasy football. The only color that matters to fantasy football Players is GREEN! That, and the bragging rights of WINNING!

I know about this. I used to play fantasy baseball. We used to bid on and buy players, even black players (GASP).

Truth be told, sometimes I didn’t know if a player was black or white or whatever, I only knew his stats and what the player could do for my team.

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