A Wide Variety Of Topics Under Discussion At Midland Debate

WSGW file image

Politics takes center stage during a Midland town hall for candidates seeking to be the next 4th District representative in Congress.

Democrat Jerry Hilliard says the middle class is a key topic for the race. Hilliard supports Medicare for all as one way to help restore a middle class hurt by Republican tax cuts for the rich and anti-union efforts.

Democrat Zigmond Kozicki said health care, education, the environment and protecting Social Security and Medicare from privitazation are top priorities in the race.

Kozicki joined Hilliard in criticizing the EPA and other federal agencies for not having a final solution for the PCB contamination at the Velsicol Chemical site in St. Louis after 45-years.

Both Democrats are critical of the current immigration crisis. They say the crack down is hurting farmers in Michigan and other states, reducing the number of available migrant workers to harvest many crops, some left to rot in the fields.

Midland Republican John Moolenaar did not attend Tuesday’s nonpartisan event at Midland’s Grace A. Dow Library as Congress is in session.



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