WSGW Morning Team Show: October 25, 2017

It’s the middle of the week Wednesday WSGW Morning Team Show with Charlie and Dave and YOU…..

Just for fun, we triggered a memory with our Wake Up Song of the Day.   As noted below, we played Judas Priest “You Got Another Thing Comin'” for Guitarist Glen Tipton and his 70th birthday.   It reminded us when Pat Boone covered this song (and others) in an album he released in 1997, “In a Metal Mood:  No More Mr. Nice Guy”.

You can hear the comparison clicking the links below or in this podcast segment of how Charlie and Dave did the comparison on-air (runs 3:41).


New Poll for You!

WSGW OnLine and App Poll: Conservative/Liberal/Both

Here is a link to the Pew Research Center story that is the basis for our poll.


A former president has been accused of sexual assault.   From the New York Daily News, it’s President George H.W. Bush.


How much are a couple of notes of “life advice” from Albert Einstien worth?   Click to find out the “life advice” and what they sold for at auction.


Fees could be going up at some of your favorite National Parks.   A 30-day public comment period on this issue opened yesterday.


You could win a $500 Gift Certificate to Bay Landscaping and Garden Center in Essexville.   You could put some of that beautiful fall color in your yard next year with the help of Bay Landscaping and Garden Center this year!

Remember, the deadline to post your photo is October 31!   Voting is going on now!

Beautiful Fall Colors


Wake Up Song of the Day:   Judas Priest “You Got Another Thing Comin’“.   Guitarist Glen Tipton is 70.

Do you remember when Pat Boone released his album of rock and heavy metal cover songs in a jazz/big band style?   From 1997, it was titled “In a Metal Mood:   No More Mr. Nice Guy”.   He did a cover of “You Got Another Thing Comin’“.


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