Is $15 Minimum Wage Hurting Seattle? Morning Team Show

July 6, 2017

The Morning Team’s Charlie Rood, Dave Maurer, and Art Lewis talk about opposing op-ed’s in USA Today surrounding Seattle, Washington’s new $15 minimum wage.

The city of Seattle recently passed a minimum wage hike of $15/hour, which is to be phased in for the next 5-7 years for small employers (500 or fewer employers).

Charlie Rood highlights a USA Today op-ed which argued the new wage hike–even if phased in–is already hurting Seattle businesses. He also presents a counterpoint from Seattle’s Mayor Ed Murray, who argues the minimum wage hike is helping Seattle thrive.

Listen to the segment as Charlie, Dave, and Art share some of their thoughts on the subject. Then, take our poll at the end of the post!

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